_ Darkness haunts the streets of Arandor. Evil lies in the shadows, growing, watching with envious eyes, plotting it’s rise and and thirsting for blood. The nobles squabble with other, nations strive for domination and all the while, the real war is being fought in the street. The fate of the nation, nay the fate of the world will be won or lost by the Swords of Arandor._

* Swords of Arandor is a street level Pathfinder 2E game, taking place in the city of Arandor, The capital of the Kingdom of Alarris.
  • The Campaign is intended to primarily take place in the vicinity of Arandor with the occasional ventures beyond the city walls
  • The campaign will be composed of a series of small adventures that are part of a tapestry that will be part of a bigger city. .This tapestry will be composed of the various storylines, individual character plots and adventures as well as the events that take place in the rest of the world.
  • This is to be a sandbox campaign. At any time there will be a number of storylines that are active, (more so than the players can hope to resolve) and each of these plotlines have a track they will follow unless the players (directly or indirectly) intervene. The players success or failure, the choices they make will have significant effect on the campaign and the world they exist in.
  • Some of my goals as a GM are
  1. More NPC interaction and more character development.
  2. Make combats more interesting both by through use of more interesting environments, challenging conditions and emotional relevance.
  3. Have an ongoing cycle of individual character stories
  4. Create opportunities to thoroughly test the new rules.
  5. Develop a dynamic world
  6. Explore the politics d religious dynamics of the world
  7. Help the players to tell the stories they want o tell.